Key CapabilitiesStructural DesignerStructural EngineerStructural Performance EngineerStructural Mechanics Engineer
Integration WorkflowSOLIDWORKS® Connector Save SOLIDWORKS data on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform directly from SOLIDWORKS++++
Full Design Associativity Enable efficient what-if scenarios that update your simulation model for any change made with a CAD application connected to the platform
User InterfaceUser Assistant Follow an interactive wizard to set up,run and review results of simulation
Physics Methods Reuse Customize the User Assistant to streamline the setup and solving of complex simulations
PlatformData Access and Management Access the latest product design information from a single,centralized, secure location on the cloud
Engineering Collaboration Collaborate in real time, exchange ideas and manage tasks across disciplines on the cloud
Lightweight Results Review Collaborate in real time, exchange ideas and manage tasks across disciplines on the cloud
Solving TechniquesAbaqus Implicit Static Analysis Solve static problems of deformable parts and assemblies
Abaqus Implicit Dynamic Analysis Solve nonlinear transient and quasi-static problems such as snap fits
Abaqus Explicit Dynamic Analysis Solve nonlinear dynamic problems such as drop test and impact
ScenarioLinear Analysis Run static, thermal (steady-state),frequency,and buckling studies
Advanced Linear Analysis Run modal transient and model harmonic studies
Nonlinear Analysis Run nonlinear static, thermal (transient) and visco/creep studies
Advanced Nonlinear Analysis Run explicit dynamic,postbuckling, random vibrations and complex frequency (with possible preloading effects) studies
Sequential Multi-Step Simulations Set up automatic sequential loading in one simulation
Abaqus General Contact Automatically set up component contact
ModelConnections Set up modeling of multiple components in an assembly
Adaptive Solid Meshing Automatically refine meshes for higher accuracy where needed
Comprehensive Meshing Capabilities Create high-quality meshes for solids, shells, and beams
Rule-Based Meshing Set meshing size and specifications (holes, fillets)for automatic high-quality mesh creation
Geometry Preparation & Simplification Automatically remove undesired geometry (holes, fillets, logos), extract mid-surface, and partition geometry for hex meshing
MaterialsNonlinear Materials Explore a wide range of materials with the following properties: hyper-elasticity plastic or permanent deformation, creep deformation,viscoelasticity
Material Calibration Use test data to calibrate model behavior
ResultsBasic Post-Processing Tools Generate report, contour/vector/iso-surface plots
Advanced Post-Processing Tools Create XY plots (field, history),path plots, view cuts
Material Rendering Create stunning visuals coupling material rendering with simulation results
High-Performance Visualization Accelerate the visualization of results even on large models
ComputationLocal Computing Run simulations on user’s local computer
Cloud Computing Run simulations remotely on the cloud++++


+ Requires an additional role

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