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SolidWorks Plastics

SolidWorks Plastics

SolidWorks® Plastics brings injection molding simulation directly to the designers of plastic parts and injection molds. You can evaluate the manufacturability of your parts and molds at the same time you design for form, fit, and function.

Take a first look at SolidWorks Plastics
  With 40 years in plastics development, I’m excited by SolidWorks Plastics. Users will be able to optimize part and mold designs in the earliest stages of development.   Ed Honda,
President, Honda Design, LLC

SolidWorks Plastics Professional – for Plastics Part Designers

The most cost-effective time to optimize plastic parts for manufacturability is during the initial stages of product design. Skipping this step often leads to an inefficient mold design with an extremely narrow “good parts” processing window, resulting in high reject rates and time-to-market delays.
CAD Integrated
SolidWorks Plastics helps ensure molds will workright the first time to avoid multiple rounds of time-consuming, costly, andunnecessary rework.
Easy To Learn And Use
Takes only minutes to learn and does not require extensive analysis or plastics expertise
Facilitates Design Team Communication
web-based HTML reports make it fast and easy to communicate simulation results and design advice to all members of the design-to-manufacturing team
  Solidworks Plastics Professional
  Get valuable results advice to optimize your designs and maximize part quality

SolidWorks Plastics Premium- for Mold Designers and Mold Makers
SolidWorks Plastics Premium gives anyone who designs or builds injection moldsan accurate, easy-to-use way to optimize them. You can quickly create andanalyze single, multi-cavity, and family mold layouts, including sprues, runners,and gates. You can even balance runner systems and estimate cycle time, clamp
tonnage, and shot size.

Avoid Costly Mold Rework
SolidWorks Plastics helps ensure molds will work right the first time to avoid multiple rounds of time-consuming, costly, andunnecessary rework.
Easy To Learn And Use
analyze sprues, runners, and gates to balance runner systems; optimize gate type, size, and location; determine the best
runner layout, size, and cross-sectional shape.

Facilitates Design Team Communication
enables mold designersand mold makers to quote tooling projects quickly and accurately; assists
manufacturing teams to size the injection molding machine for a given mold,optimize injection molding cycle time, and reduce plastics material scrap

  SolidWorks Plastics Premium
  Automatically balance the runner systems of family molds and avoid manufacturing problems.