EPDM Implementation / Training Services (Value Pack)

FEA’s EPDM implementation support is centered around a best-practices configured core vault that allows users to quickly become up and running with an easy-to-learn interface that provides secure vaulting, version and revision control, release process, and search capabilities.

Duration: 3 Days

EPDM Implementaion/Training Services Includes:

EPDM Installation – Half Day onsite custom Installation and custom setup support

  • Installation and vault setup uding FEA’S custom template (includes SQL Installation)
  • Database and Archive Server configuration
  • User login configuration and set-up group users (Instructions Provided)
  • Special custom settings (if required) on the OS side of the server

EPDM Admin Setup and Training- Half day onsite admin orientation

  • EPDM Admin tools review and options discussed in detail.
  • Configuration of data cards, variable mappings, templates, revisioning, workflows etc.
  • Vault administration services (including setting group permissions)
  • Focused administration training on functionality.

EPDM User Training–Half Day Onsite User Training

  • EPDM User Interface
  • EPDM File Search options
  • File References and multi user coordination
  • File uploading to vault and revision tracking etc

EPDM Support/ Consulting – One Day Onsite Consulting

  • Certified PDM Expert will work one-on-one with your team and provide specific guidance to complete implementation.

Value Added Consulting Time (4 Hours)

  • As part of value FEA’s value added EPDM implementation service we will provide four one hour consultation sessions to ensure seamless EPDM implementation.

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