API Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Course Description: This course teaches programmers how to use the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM API (Application Programming Interface) to automate and customize SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.

Course Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: The Administering SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM course, basic experience with the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software, experience with the Windows(R) operating system, and knowledge of a programming language, preferably Visual Basic™ 2005 or later. In order to get the most out of this class, students should be familiar with the concepts of interfaces, classes, structures, enumerations, collections and recursion.



About This Course

Windows® 7

Lesson 1: Connecting to a Vault

  • COM Programming
  • Application Types
  • Name spaces
  • The IEdmVault Interface
  • Debugger feedback
  • Logging into a Vault
  • Handling H RESULT Return Values
  • Programmer’s Reference Guide
  • Interface Versioning

Lesson 2: Files, Folders, Items and References

  • The IEdmObject Interface
  • The IEdmFile Interface
  • The IEdmFolder Interface
  • The IEdmPos Interface
  • Case Study: File Traversal
  • Case Study: Folder Traversal
  • File References
  • The IEdm Batch-Listing Interface
  • IEdm Clear-LocalCache Interface
  • Case Study: Reference Tree Traversal
  • Items

Lesson 3: Users and Groups

  • The IEdmUser Interface
  • The IEdmUserGroup Interface
  • The IEdmUserMgr Interface
  • Case Study: User Traversal
  • Case Study: Group Traversal
  • Case Study: Group Member Traversal
  • Case Study: Using IEdmUser Properties to Search for Users
  • Case Study: Adding New Users

Lesson 4: Card Variables, Versions and Revisions

  • Card Variables
  • File Versions
  • File Revisions
  • Case Study: Set Revisions
  • The IEdmDictionary Interface
  • Case Study: Dictionaries

Lesson 5: Add-In Applications

  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Add-Ins
  • The IEdmAddIn Interface
  • Case Study: Creating an Add-In
  • The Implements Statement
  • COM Registration
  • Installing an Add-In
  • Debugging a DLL
  • The IEdmVault Argument
  • The IEdmCmdMgr Argument
  • The IEdmAddIn5.OnCmd Method
  • Case Study: Changing Card Variable Values
  • Case Study: Generating Serial Numbers

Lesson 6: Task Add-In Applications

  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Task Add-Ins
  • Task Interfaces
  • Case Study: Simple Task Add-In
  • Task Hooks
  • Case Study: Check Number of Days in State
  • The IEdmSearch Interface
  • The IEdmWorkflowMgr Interface
  • The IEdmWorkflow Interface

Appendix A: C# Examples

Connecting to a Vault Using C#

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