ENOVIAWorks – Data and Product Life Cycle Management in the Cloud

ENOVIAWORKS portfolio provides a complete, robust and scalable data and product lifecycle management solution that is instantly available on the cloud. ENOVIAWORKS is a turnkey portfolio of solutions that allows companies to quickly start using these offerings without the need to purchase expensive hardware or install software while leveraging the key data and product lifecycle management capabilities needed during the product development process.

By connecting to the platform, designers can continue their work in SOLIDWORKS while the design data becomes part of a unified product definition on the Platform. A unified product definition enables the data to be used throughout the connected enterprise. The result is faster, and more accurate, product development. As design changes occur, the shared data is automatically updated so everyone remains in sync. ENOVIAWORKS is available on the cloud for SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5 and 3rd-party CAD systems.

Solutions from ENOVIAworks enable you to connect all of your organization’s most vital resources – people, software tools and data – in one unified, secure place to collaborate on designs more easily keeping projects and people on track.

  • Securely save and access CAD data to/from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Perform product lifecycle and maturity operations
  • Easily navigate CAD data to visualize designs and related changes
  • Search, explore and identify CAD data from a web browser and directly open into SOLIDWORKS
  • View and mark-up complex 3D product designs
  • Visually compare design revisions in a web browser
  • Review tasks and open design data without leaving SOLIDWORKS
  • Communicate with team members with embedded task comments
  • Always-available embedded compute licensing (up to 4 cores) allows the user to run simulation on the local machine at anytime
  • Leverage CAD data with 3DEXPERIENCE platform design, simulation, manufacturing and collaboration apps and processes

ENOVIAWorks Solutions Includes:

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS

Accelerate the pace of product innovation by enabling multi-discipline teams to collaborate in real time on a single platform on the cloud.

Project Planner

Deliver innovative products on time and on budget by connecting your SOLIDWORKS® design data with all project members, tasks, deliverables and communications.

3D Product Architect

Increase design understanding and the impact of proposed changes to help reduce development time.

Collaborative Industry Innovator

Boost product innovation and time to market by enabling data sharing and collaboration in real time, across all phases of your product lifecycle within your entire business ecosystem.

Product Release Engineer

Align the multi-discipline engineering product definition process with company strategy, helping you ensure optimal and consistent product quality.

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