P.Eng. Licensing Guidance

It is widely known that Engineering is a regulated profession in Canada, with the responsible authority that issues licenses for practicing engineering in Ontario being Professional Engineers Ontario. Since this license is a basic requirement for practicing engineering in Canada, it is widely suggested that engineers attain this license at the earliest. To assist you with P.Eng. licensing guidance, you have the highly skilled experts at FEA Training Consultants Inc.

This guidance is apt for the internationally educated engineers who are looking to apply for their professional engineering license in Canada. Many of the foreign trained engineers are unaware of the process behind earning their professional engineering license. Our experts here at FEA Training Consultants Inc. can assist and support them throughout the process, beginning right From P.Eng. application guidance, stepping further with P.Eng. ERC interview, and ending in PPE Examination. Concisely, You have the professional assistance available at FEA Training Consultants Inc. the moment you decide to apply for the professional engineering license.

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