About us

About FEA Training Consultants Inc.

FEA Training Consultants Inc. is a distinguished partner of Dassault Systèmes and an authorized SOLIDWORKS value-added reseller. We cater to industries and clients in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Renowned for our expertise in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Fluid Flow Analysis (CFD), we offer SOLIDWORKS software, 3DEXPERIENCE products, comprehensive training, support, and consulting services tailored to diverse needs. We are the leading SOLIDWORKS VAR in Canada, specializing in 3D CAD and advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation. We provide top-notch training and support for SOLIDWORKS CAD design software.

We offer comprehensive SOLIDWORKS software products, including 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Simulation, Electrical Design, Visualize, DraftSight, and Product Data Management solutions. FEA emphasizes our dedication to delivering exceptional software products, training programs, and expert technical support to clients.

FEA Training Consultants Inc. is authorized to provide professional engineering services as a licensed engineering company with a Certificate of Authorization (CoA) from the Association of Professional Engineers. Our portfolio includes a complete spectrum of services, such as 3D parametric modeling, stress analysis, fluid flow analysis, consulting, and mentoring services. We are committed to excellence and are a leading supplier of SOLIDWORKS products and services in Canada, ensuring unparalleled support and guidance for our clients throughout their engineering endeavours.

Our Expertise

  • Macro development (coding) for 3D Design automation
  • 3D Parametric Modeling (Parts, Assemblies and Drawings)
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis
  • Linear and Non-Linear Analysis
  • Software engineering (software testing, design, and software requirements specification)
  • Optimization and Dynamic Analysis
  • CFD – Liquid and Gas Flow
  • Applying Machine Learning and AI technology in the Product Development Process

Why FEA Training Consultants Inc.?

  • We are Canada’s best reseller specializing in SOLIDWORKS(3D design, FEA and CFD) needs.
  • We are your local Canadian supplier of SOLIDWORKS products and services
  • Superior customer service and technical support
  • We are a team of professionals with high expertise and a proven track record.
  • We have served and supported the SOLIDWORKS channel for over 20 years
  • Our training (for 3D design, FEA/CFD) is the best in its class – we train and mentor you one-on-one using your models
  • Get customized training and support for your specific needs.
  • We strive to provide affordable solutions at great quality.
  • If you are thinking of buying SOLIDWORKS let us be the obvious choice. Let’s work together to build better products.

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