SOLIDWORKS Premium further expands on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional to deliver the flagship 3D solution in the SOLIDWORKS family.

Rich simulation capabilities let users test product performance against real life motion and forces. Tolerance stack-up analysis ensures manufacturability and helps resolve complex assembly issues early in the design process. Extended toolsets help layout and document electrical wiring, piping, and tubing, and let you quickly incorporate PC board data into the 3D model. SOLIDWORKS Premium can also work with 3D scanned data. You get all the benefits of a complete 3D design solution with SOLIDWORKS Premium. 

Key Capabilities

  • CAD Animation
  • Revision Control
  • SOLIDWORKS Costing
  • Part and Assembly Modeling
  • PhotoView 360
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • CAD Library
  • Interference Check


Time-based Motion Analysis

Easily evaluate how your product will perform and move throughout its operational cycle with motion analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Visualize your product moving as it would in the real world and measure the forces and loads on your design. Plus, use the data to correctly size motors and create the ‘correct’ mechanism to ensure performance, product quality, and safety.

Routing of Electrical Cabling and Wiring Harnesses

Quickly design and route electrical wiring, harnessing, cabling, and conduit assemblies of products in 3D using the SOLIDWORKS Premium package. Integrating these systems during product design rather than adding them later accelerates your development process, saves time and rework costs, and helps to ensure efficient product assembly and serviceability.

Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies

Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies, enables designers and engineers to quickly and efficiently validate quality, performance, and safety—all while creating their design. Linear stress analysis calculates the stresses and deformations of geometry given three basic assumptions:

  • The part or assembly under load deforms with small rotations and displacements.
  • The product loading is static (ignores inertia) and constant over time.
  • The material has a constant stress strain relationship (Hooke’s law).

Advanced Surface Flattening

SOLIDWORKS advanced surface flattening functionality provides control and flexibility to easily flatten more complex surfaces. You can:

  • Automatically flatten the surface and interrogate an interactive deformation plot (mesh) to graphically view stretch and compression concentrations that can occur when flattening some surfaces with high curvature.
  • Relieve material stresses due to flattening by creating relief cuts; Relief can be created by selecting sketches, sketch entities, and part edges, or by creating split lines or cuts for relief of stresses in these areas.
  • Select “control edges” to guide the flattening process to maintain length and shape of specific edges, which is particularly helpful for more highly contoured surfaces.
  • Sketch curves on surfaces and then flatten the surfaces and the curves together.
  • Export flattened surface outlines or patterns for material cutting in a variety of export formats.

Routing of Pipes and Tubes

Accelerate the development process and save time by designing piping and tubing in 3D during system design with SOLIDWORKS Premium. By integrating piping and tubing during the design process, designers can help ensure efficient assembly, operation, and serviceability, avoiding rework, delays, and extra cost.

Routing of Rectangular and Other Sections

Equipment designers, product designers, machine designers, facility designers and others all need rectangular section routing to complete their designs that include ducting, cable trays, conveyors, material handling chutes, and many other systems.
SOLIDWORKS Routing let’s you:

  • Generate and run rectangular (or other non-round) route sections using the same familiar SOLIDWORKS Routing user interface.
  • Select from various standard route and sub-route types such as Ducting/Trunking, Cable Tray, and Ribbon Cable
  • Leverage the ‘User Defined’ route type for HVAC, Conveyors, space planning, etc.
  • Leverage initial Design Libraries for building additional libraries of rectangular sections.
  • Automatically insert rectangular elbows and other fitting as you sketch your route paths.
  • Automatically update the BOM for your route, including all fittings and sections, as you design.

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