For industrial designers, mechanical engineers and owners of design service bureaus, Who need to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to create products with smooth organic surfaces, 3D Sculptor offers a browser based design environment That provides fast and easy to use subdivision surface modeling capabilities, collaboration and data basic data management, Unlike existing disconnected industrial design workflows, 3D Sculptor on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, leverages the knowledge and knowhow from your entire product development network

3D Sculptor is designed to satisfy the needs of the industrial designers and mechanical engineers when it comes to conceptualizing and designing smooth organic looking shapes. Empowered by the 3DEXPERIENCE, 3D Sculptor helps companies design for product ergonomics and aesthetics, and foster collaboration with internal and external stakeholders of the product development process in an easy to use web based environment.

Some key functionalities of 3D Sculptor includes:

  • Freeform modeling capabilities using subdivision modeling technology
  • Browser-based modeling provides flexibility to select which device you want to work on
  • Speed and flexibility in stylistic and organic shape model creation
  • Intuitive push/pull manipulation of 3D geometry for fast geometry creation
  • Automatically convert subdivision geometry to NURBS geometry after editing
  • Built-in version control allowing you to focus on design, not data management
  • Interoperable with SOLIDWORKS desktop and 3DEXPERIENCE design tools
  • Built-in communication and collaboration tools eliminates need for separate disconnected solutions and allows you to stay connected to all stakeholders throughout your product development network
  • Single modeling environment to design products models in the way you want to design without being constrained by the architecture of your CAD system.
  • No installation or updates required so you are always on the latest version. 3DEXPERIENCE platform based collaboration and data management tools.

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