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Techno- Student Program (To Enhance Technical Skills Of Students)
FEA Training Consultants Inc. offers a highly personalized and professional service that sets apart from only training services. We are the first to provide a comprehensive hands-on-training Techno - Student Program (TSP) specially tailor made for the students.

SolidWorks has a short learning curve and as a result, students can easily translate ideas into models, and models into prototypes. Throughout the process, they’ll also gain invaluable communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. When combined with math, science, and engineering principles, SolidWorks is the key to preparing students for challenging and rewarding careers.

Lessons Contributes core competencies in
Science  |  Technology   |   Engineering   |  Mathematics
Each lesson includes
• Learning Exercise
• Projects and additional Exercise
• Vocabulary Worksheet
• Lesson Summary
• Prepare for Certified SolidWorks Associate Program(CSWA)
• Middle School
• High School
• Vocational/Technical
• College/University

   Industry focused Lessons for Design Projects, Competitions and Career Skills – Few Examples