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FEA & CFD Engineering Consulting Services
FEA Training Consultants Inc. provides FEA and CFD engineering consulting services for stress, safety factor, thermal, design optimization and computational fluid flow analysis using advanced stress and fluid simulation programs. Our goal is to act as a seamless extension of your company's engineering department and help you to make your mechanical designs safe and efficient.


As part of FEA Consultants full service Design Engineering Team based in Mississauga, Ontario, the Design Simulation Group is involved in some of the most demanding mechanical stress and fluid flow simulation projects in industry today. Supported by FEA Consultants long history of finite element and fluid flow design simulation expertise and collection of industry professionals, the Design Simulation Group is capable of handling the most demanding mechanical stress and fluid flow engineering projects.

We provide FEA consulting services to companies located in USA and Canada. Request a quote or contact us by email or call us at 905-990-0094 for more information.
Engineering Consulting Services Offered
Structural stress, safety factor and vibration analysis on different mechanical designs
Non-linear stress analysis (material plasticity, large deformation and contact)
Steady state and transient heat transfer analysis on electronic and mechanical components
Fatigue, buckling and structural dynamic analysis
Fluid Flow Analysis to predict and eliminate design problems such as high pressure drop, erosion and cavitations on hardware designs used in power, water treatment and oil & gas Industry
Fluid structure interaction analysis
Design simulation to check compliance to design authority requirements (Example - ASME)
Pressure drop, velocity distribution, particle tracking, fluid structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer analysis
FEA and CFD software sales, training and mentoring services.
Some of our completed projects
Stress Analysis of Ball valve to evaluate contact stress using non-uniform pressure loading (Valve Industry)
Thermal and Stress Analysis of Heat- Exchanger assembly using ASME design by analysis guidelines
Detailed analysis of Pressure Vessels components using alternate rules for boiler and pressure vessel design (ASME Sec VIII Division 2) (Pressure Vessel Industry)
Detailed Analysis of nossill assembly for external pipe loading and thermal loading using stress linearization method per ASME Sec VIII Division 2 (Pressure Vessel)
Detailed PSD Random Vibration of electronics PCB assembly (Electronics)
Shape optimisation and motion simulation of automated machinery (evaluated parameters also include velocity, acceleration, force distribution, stress deflection etc.) (Automotive)
Durability Analysis of automotive suspension assembly to evaluate fatigue life due to cyclic loads. (Automotive)
Drop test simulation to evaluate the structural durability on various consumer products such as cell phones, electronic box etc.(Electronics Industry)
Pressure Drop Calculation on screen assembly used in water purification (Water Purification Industry)
Simulating severe accident scenario in a nuclear reactor to evaluate the plastics response of the system. (Nuclear Industry)
Structural Analysis on various medical equipments to evaluate stress, deflection and safety factor. (Medical Industry)
CFD Analysis to evaluate on automotive body to evaluate the induced drag and lift forces. (Automotive)
Completed Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis to simulate the transient time dependant response of an internal flow assembly with special orifice plate design. (oil and gas industry)
Non-newtonian flow simulation to evaluate the pressure drop induced across the mold. (tool and die industry)
Dynamic non-linear analysis to evaluate the stability of trailer assembly. (Automotive Industry)
Erosion analysis to evaluate erosion rate density and cavitation analysis on oil and gas equipments. (Oil & Gas Industry)
  Samples Of Our Work
Consulting work on fitting, fatique and deflection design