EMS is an electromagnetic and electromechanical simulator that bridges the electrical and mechanical phenomena. It includes electrostatic, current flow or electric conduction, magnetostatic or DC magnetics, eddy current or AC -time harmonic- analysis, transient or pulsed magnetic, and thermal simulations. In addition to its CAD integration, it is also fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS Motion. Hence, it can handle multi-body objects moving in all six degrees of freedom.

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CAD Integration:

Electromagnetic software packages significantly facilitate the designer’s task by reducing the need to build physical prototypes, hence reduce the time to market. Unfortunately, most of the commercial electromagnetic software packages that may be utilized for this end are difficult to use. In addition, they oftentimes require from the designer to simplify the geometry, which can result in the loss of critical details and thus affecting the performance of the end product. EMWorks’ products make the exception. They are fully and seamlessly integrated inside Solidworks. Consequently, the electromagnetic designer needs not to simplify the geometry or worry about CAD. The design can indeed be taken from drafting straight to analysis.

CAD Integration:

EMS is designed to help you gain physical insight into the performance of your electromagnetic, electromechanical, and MEMS design through the computation of important parameters, such as force, torque, magnetic flux density, magnetic field, electric field, electric flux, current flow, eddy current, inductance, capacitance, resistances, flux linkage, and power loss.


EMWorks’ products cover a very wide range of applications including motors, generators, linear and rotational actuators, relays, MEMS, magnetic recording heads, magnetic levitation, solenoids, loud speakers, coils, permanent magnets, sensors, NDT, NDE, high power, high voltage, PCBs, transformers, inverters, converters, bus bars, inductors, insulation studies, bushings, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic shielding, EMI, EMC, semiconductors, medical devices, eddy current devices, fuses, circuit breakers, capacitors, antennas, IC packages, connectors, couplers, multiplexers, filters, antenna feeds, RF coils, chip-package-boards, RF MEMS, EM field exposure, resonators, accelerators, circulators, attenuators, twists and bends, oscillators, tuning elements, matching circuits, etc. These devices can readily be designed and optimized with the highest level of accuracy with unparalleled ease of use. Both EMS and HFWorks meet SOLIDWORKS’ highest quality standards and are certified Gold products by SOLIDWORKS. Key Industries With its wide range of applications,

EMWorks’ products target the following industries:

– Automotive & Transportation,

– Aerospace & Defense,

– Consumer Goods,

– Energy & Process,

– Industrial Equipment

– Life Sciences,

– High-Tech / Electronics


  • Seamlessly embedded inside Solidworks
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Includes Electrostatic and electric conduction solvers for Bushing, circuit boards, MEMS, cables, and fuses
  • Includes Magnetostatic and AC Magnetic solvers for AD/DC machines, actuators, and solenoids, eddy currents, transformers, NDT and NDE
  • Includes Transient Magnetic solver for Speakers, magnetic recording, NDE, and rotating machines


  • Save money and time by minimizing prototyping
  • Compare alternative designs easiy and quickly
  • Simulate real-world operating conditions
  • Interpret analysis results with powerful and intuitive vizualization tools
  • Collaborate and share analysis results

Electric Stress for High voltage Panel

Voltage Distribution in Surge Protector

Flux density distribution in a DC Motor

Tempeture distribution step-up transformer

Mechanical Stress on a MEMS Switch

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