SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides a screening-level life cycle assessment (LCA) of the environmental impacts of your full design, with seamless integration to your design process. Flexible inputs, such as recycled content level and end-of-life scenarios, enable more detailed assessments. You can even perform time-dependent environmental comparisons using the varying lifetimes of different design solutions.

Inspect and optimize complex flows

  • It includes the diverse tools of SustainabilityXpress (parts assessment, alternative materials search, and environmental impact dashboard) with additional capability to assess both parts and assemblies, using parameters such as transportation mode and distance, assembly energy, and use-phase energy consumption.
  • Assessment results are saved for each design configuration, helping you easily compare versions.
  • The Assembly Visualization tool ranks the impact of the parts in your assembly to pinpoint and reassess the sustainability of your design. Seamless integration and automatic report generation allow you to quickly communicate your sustainable design solution.
  • SOLIDWORKS Sustainability uses the gold-standard GaBi LCA environmental impact database from PE International. You can download updates as they become available, and even request new LCA datasets for your custom materials and processes as a premium service in partnership with PE International.

Environmental Impact Dashboards

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software measures four environmental indicators over the life cycle of your product: carbon footprint, total energy consumed, air impact, and water impact. The Environmental Impact dashboard displays a continuous, real-time assessment of each indicator with current values as well as comparisons to your baseline design. This comprehensive view makes it easy to see the environmental impacts of your design choices and incorporate sustainability as a standard part of your design process.

Seamless Integration

Because SOLIDWORKSSustainability software lives right in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane, it becomes a natural part of your workflow. Sustainability data is automatically stored in the model file as standard engineering information for the design. When you share the model, the environmental impact data is available to your partners as well.

Material Selection Tool

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software makes it easy to find the right material for a particular job. Until now, designers had to wade through materials databases, limiting their ability to effectively consider alternatives. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability technology shows how “like” materials compare to the original in terms of environmental impacts as well as standard engineering properties such as thermal conductivity and yield strength. You can quickly hone in on the most environmentally-preferred material that gets the job done.

Generate Environmental Reports

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software demonstrates the real, verifiable steps you’ve taken to minimize environmental impacts. You can automatically generate a report with your contact information and company branding that shows the sustainability profile of your product, before/after comparisons, multiple design alternatives, and the entire impacts of complex assemblies.

Screening Level Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability technology measures impacts over a design's entire life cycle, which includes extraction of raw materials, component manufacturing, product assembly, use, and disposal, as well as the transportation between each stage. Four key environmental indicators are measured across this product life cycle: carbon footprint, non-renewable energy demand, air acidification, and water eutrophication. Each impact is examined using the science of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) through a partnership with PE International, a pioneer in the LCA field. PE International's extensive GaBi life cycle inventory database reflects empirical data gathered over decades, and has become the worldwide standard for environmental impact data.

With its rich dataset of credible environmental information and an LCA process model that spans every industry, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability enables you to perform a screening-level LCA on every product design.

The Sustainable Advantage

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software removes traditional obstacles to sustainable design, making sustainability a seamless part of your design process for the first time. You can perform a thorough environmental assessment in a way that’s simple to understand, apply, and explain—just like every SOLIDWORKS product. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software gives both you and your environmentally-conscious company a competitive edge—and helps you do your part for the planet.


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